Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 183 - Nobby Kleinman

Released on November 21, 2016
Nobby Kleinman is an international author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Money Rules. Nobby brings a wealth of experience in the financial, internet marketing, business development, and outsourcing spaces, and he is strongly committed to helping others in the fields of entrepreneurship and business....
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Episode BONUS - Evergreen Clauses with legal expert Nate Osborn

Released on November 19, 2016
Today's Saturday minisode features Nate Osborn of the Denver law firm Montgomery Little & Soran, where he talks about evergreen clauses. Nate answers the following questions: What are evergreen clauses? Are evergreen clauses enforceable? Why would your business want or not want such a clause? What options are there if you are in a situation where people are discussing including an evergreen clause into a contract and you don't want one?...
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Episode 182 - Andy Perdue

Released on November 18, 2016
Andy Perdue is an author, wine reviewer and judge, and publisher at Great Northwest Wine. He's worked for many newspapers and still contributes regularly to various publications. Andy has collaborated on several books, and in 2015, he was named the Honorary Chair of the Auction of Washington Wines. ...
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Episode 181 - Kim Doyal

Released on November 17, 2016
Kim Doyal is the founder of The WordPress Chick, a business and brand that helps people generate leads and increase conversions through WordPress. Kim is inspiring people to 'just show up' and do business as only we can do through myriad content, like her podcast, her blog, and other tools and resources that are sure to help you day-to-day in your small business....
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Episode 180 - Nathan Chan

Released on November 16, 2016
Nathan Chan is the publisher at Foundr Magazine, which is the pre-eminent resource that entrepreneurs choose to learn how to build and grow a successful business. And it's not the tired, unrelatable business advice you'll find in other magazines. Among other great content, Nathan has interviewed some of the most successful entrepreneurs in today's dynamic business landscape, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran, and Richard Branson to name a few. You can get the Branson interview for free at
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Episode 179 - Sarah Attman

Released on November 15, 2016
Sarah Attman is the founder and president at Sarah Rose PR, a boutique agency based in Baltimore that helps people with media relations, influencer marketing, web design, digital marketing, and more. She was recently named one of the top 30 Under 30 PR relations professionals in the U.S. by Adweek Magazine. Outside of the agency, Sarah teaches PR and marketing at the University of Baltimore, Maryland and has contributed to many media outlets, including Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and more....
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Episode 178 - Buck Joffrey

Released on November 14, 2016
Dr. Buck Joffrey is an accomplished physician, entrepreneur, asset manager, and founder of the financial education website He believes that there is a certain level of volatility and instability in the current global economy and advocates for entrepreneurship as a more reliable method of approaching personal finance. Buck shares more wisdom on the Wealth Formula podcast, where he teaches professionals how to take charge of their money and prosper....
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Episode BONUS - Debt Collection with legal expert Nate Osborn

Released on November 12, 2016
In this bonus Saturday minisode, legal expert Nate Osborn of the Denver law firm Montgomery Little & Soran shares actionable debt collection strategies for small business owners. He answers the following questions: What should we all be doing, pro-actively, to avoid getting into a situation where a client isn't paying? Is there any conduct that you should avoid when trying to collect a debt on behalf of your business? What is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act? What can you do if, after your best efforts, you still cannot get the client to pay?...
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Episode 177 - Hollis Carter

Released on November 11, 2016
Hollis Carter is a speaker and author with special expertise in business development and strategic marketing. He is also the co-founder of the Baby Bathwater Institute Entrepreneur's Mastermind, which is a gathering of like-minded people who discuss paid traffic, conversion, team building, and social media in a setting that is much different than your average summit event....
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Episode 176 - Jenny Fenig

Released on November 10, 2016
Jenny Fenig is an entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual brand strategist, yogi, wife, mother, and best-selling author of the book, Get Gutsy. While working her high-paying and prestigious corporate job in New York City, Jenny started looking for more freedom, more flexibility, more fun, and more 'fabulousness'. And with that, she quit her job and journeyed into the entrepreneurial unknown where she has since built a thriving and profitable online business serving and coaching women from all over the world. Jenny shares more wisdom on the Get Gutsy podcast, which you can find at or in iTunes....
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