Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 200 - A Message From Rob

Released on December 14, 2016
Rob talks about his decision to put Bidsy's Small Business Society on indefinite hiatus. He talks about the most important reason to do so and mentions some of his favorite episodes. Rob talks about some future aspirations and different areas he will be dedicating his time to. Finally, Rob offers his thanks on his podcasting journey and shares the initial inspiration and motivation behind the launch of Bidsy's Small Business Society....
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Episode 199 - Alessandra Colaci

Released on December 13, 2016
Alessandra Colaci is a live streaming and social media strategist and the founder of Influence Buzz. With over 15 years of online marketing experience, Alessandra works with businesses to help them increase their visibility and develop unique content. More of Alessandra's strategies can be found on the Influence Buzz podcast, where she goes behind the scenes with top live video influencers to find out what gets them fired up....
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Episode 198 - Jon Stein

Released on December 12, 2016
Jon Stein is the co-founder and CEO at Betterment, where he and his team have built a smarter way to invest by designing a portfolio that helps people achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Jon studied economics at Harvard and finance at Columbia, and he started Betterment after years of consulting for Wall Street's biggest financial institutions. ...
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Episode BONUS - Hiring The Right Attorney with legal expert Nate Osborn

Released on December 10, 2016
In this bonus Saturday minisode, Nate Osborn of the Denver firm Montgomery Little & Soran talks about hiring the right attorney for your business. Nate answers the following questions: Should you hire a big law firm or a small one? Should you consider how much the attorney charges? What qualities should you look for in your attorney? Where should you start searching for an attorney?...
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Episode 197 - Marty Park

Released on December 9, 2016
Marty Park is the founder of Evolve Business Group, where he and his team of strategic coaches, advisors, and trainers work with owners and management teams to create new growth plans. He understands that we all have a burning desire to take our businesses to new levels of performance and profits, and his strategies have helped countless clients integrate new ideas into their businesses for better results. Marty believes that we can work less, produce more, enjoy more of life, and reap the rewards of a better bottom line....
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Episode 196 - John Livesay

Released on December 8, 2016
John Livesay is the author of the book The Successful Pitch: Conversations about Going from Invisible to Investable. His purpose revolves around giving startups the secrets to become irresistible to investors. John fulfills that purpose as the pitch mentor at, which is the #1 accelerator in upstate New York. John has been featured in Entrepreneur and Inc, and he shares more content on his popular weekly podcast called The Successful Pitch....
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Episode 195 - Allison Beers

Released on December 7, 2016
Allison Beers is the owner and founder at Events North, a company that specializes in corporate and non-profit meeting and event management services. Allison and her team pride themselves on striving for zero waste, ensuring that her clients' events have a huge impact on their guests and as little impact as possible on the environment. Her business resume and accolades are extensive, and Connect Magazine recently named Allison to the Top 40 Under 40 in her industry....
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Episode 194 - Tim Kitchen

Released on December 6, 2016
Tim Kitchen is the best-selling digital marketing author of How to Get to the Top of Google and is the head ninja at Exposure Ninja, which is a digital marketing agency specializing in building and ranking websites. He has 4 other best-selling books and has grown Exposure Ninja from 1 person to a team of over 70 in just 4 years. Tim shares more expertise and wisdom on his popular podcast, Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing. ...
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Episode 193 - Jay Buys

Released on December 5, 2016
Jay Buys is the co-founder of Visceral, which is a company that helps leading humanitarian organizations, conservationists, advocacy groups, and other social enterprises engage, influence, and inspire action to tackle the world's toughest challenges. Jay started young, programming at just 8 years old, then took to coding, and now uses a wide variety of skills at Visceral to benefit organizations that are working to make the world a better place....
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Episode BONUS - Copyrights with legal expert Nate Osborn

Released on December 3, 2016
In today's bonus Saturday minisode of Bidsy's Small Business Society, Nate Osborn of the Denver firm Montgomery Little & Soran talks about copyright law. He answers the following questions: What is a copyright? When do you get copyright protection? What does a copyright protect exactly? Why would you register your work with the United States copyright office? How do copyrights compare to patents and trademarks? How do you register your work for a copyright?...
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