Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 149 - Stephanie O'Dea

Released on October 4, 2016
Back in 2008, Stephanie O'Dea made a New Year's resolution to use her slow cooker every day and write about it online. Web traffic exploded, she wrote several books about it (one of which is a New York Times Best Seller), and she's appeared on some massive media outlets like Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, Woman's World, and Stephanie's passion lies in helping busy families get the 'Have-To's' in life done so there is more time for those 'Want-To's'....
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Episode 148 - Chandler Bolt

Released on October 3, 2016
Chandler Bolt is the founder and CEO at Self-Publishing School, where he and his team help people write, publish, and market their first best-selling book. He's a 5-time best-selling author himself, and in 2015, Chandler's company did 7 figures in revenue. Chandler also hosts the Self-Publishing Success Summit, where he hand picks A-listers like Gary Vee, Joanna Penn, Pat Flynn, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, and many more....
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Episode 147 - Peter Radcliffe

Released on September 30, 2016
Peter Radcliffe is a life coach, meditation teacher, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer. He believes that it is our state of mind that determines our level of calmness, focus, and excitement, and he teaches people to find that clarity with his Skillful Mind coaching program. Peter has a unique background as a bona fide Buddhist monk who has spent as much as 9 months in total solitary meditation....
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Episode 146 - Dana Corey

Released on September 29, 2016
Dana Corey is an international speaker and high performance business strategist that has helped hundreds of people transform from an entrepreneur with an idea into a CEO. Dana says, "[b]e passionate about your life. If you're not, consider what makes your heart sing and do it every day so you wake up every morning with a smile on your face raring to go."...
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Episode 145 - Drew Neisser

Released on September 28, 2016
Drew Neisser is the founder of Renegade, which is the New York City-based social media and marketing agency that helps clients cut through all of the nonsense to achieve genuine business growth. He has been a featured expert on ABC and CNBC, and more of his insights can be found on several blogs, including where he is the publisher. Drew's book, The CMO's Periodic Table, focuses on the essential elements of high-performing, top-producing Chief Marketing Officers....
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Episode 144 - Allyson Machate

Released on September 27, 2016
Allyson Machate is the founder of The Writer's Ally, an award-winning business that offers expert writing and editorial services. With 17 years experience as a national best-selling book collaborator, award-winning editor, and publishing consultant, Allyson uses her insider knowledge to help authors reach their publishing goals by improving their writing skills, polishing their manuscripts, and learning to navigate the complex publishing world....
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Episode 143 - Stuart Knight

Released on September 26, 2016
Stuart Knight is an award-winning entrepreneur, powerful keynote speaker, and critically-acclaimed author of 2 books. He has presented to over 1 million people and is hired by the world's biggest companies to help them reach new levels of success. Stuart's message revolves around creating powerful relationships, and he challenges you to boycott what you thought....
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Episode 142 - Jason Falls

Released on September 23, 2016
Jason Falls is a digital marketing expert who manages the digital strategy and business development for clients at Elasticity. He has also written two books and is a decorated speaker. Jason shares more of his expertise on his popular industry blog (Acq. 2015)....
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Episode 141 - Andrew Foxwell

Released on September 22, 2016
Andrew Foxwell is the co-founder of Foxwell Digital, a business that consults with Fortune 500 companies, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and well-known start-ups on maximizing their advertising impact on social media. He has spend over $10 million on the Facebook platform alone and has worked with companies like Square, Fitbit, and GoPro. Andrew's expertise has taken him to Washington, DC where he worked in Congress and to Silicon Valley where he further honed his social media marketing skills....
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Episode 140 - Pamela Slim

Released on September 21, 2016
Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. In the last 11 years, she has helped hundreds of people launch and grow successful businesses. Pam's experience and expertise as a consultant to large companies and small businesses alike can be found on her powerful and rapidly growing online resource
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