Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 158 - Tanner Gers

Released on October 17, 2016
Tanner Gers is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, marketing strategist, pro athlete, and host of the #1 ranked iTunes podcast, The Creative Success Show. With zero hyperbole, Tanner's is a truly remarkable journey, and he fulfills his mission in life by helping people all over the world achieve their full potential regardless of circumstance....
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Episode BONUS - Personal Guarantees with legal expert Nate Osborn

Released on October 15, 2016
Nate Osborn is a partner with the law firm Montgomery Little & Soran in Denver, Colorado. In this bonus minisode, Nate answers the following questions: What is a personal guarantee? Why do landlords and lenders want a personal guarantee? Should your spouse sign a personal guarantee in your business, and if so, what issues can arise? When should you think twice about signing a personal guarantee? What provisions should you pay special attention to in a personal guarantee? Can you ever get out of a personal guarantee after you sign one?...
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Episode 157 - Matt Ruedlinger

Released on October 14, 2016
Matt Ruedlinger is the owner of Triple R Marketing and uses his 20+ years of sales and marketing experience to help small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike become leaders in their industry. He also developed a successful app called Fanvious. Matt believes that we create the most value, and subsequently, success when we create remarkable customer experiences....
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Episode 156 - Amanda Rae

Released on October 13, 2016
Amanda Rae is an intuitive healer who works with women to help them move from overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted to balanced, relaxed, and confident. Through a variety of techniques, Amanda helps people clear emotional burdens allowing them to create success and meaning in their lives. ...
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Episode 155 - Scott McKain

Released on October 12, 2016
Scott McKain is an internationally-recognized authority who helps businesses create distinction in a crowded social media and marketing world. As a decorated keynote speaker, #1 best-selling author, and successful entrepreneur, Scott's insights help people increase sales, expand profits, and deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience....
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Episode 154 - Nate Osborn

Released on October 11, 2016
Nate Osborn is a partner with the law firm Montgomery Little & Soran in Denver, Colorado and is the founder of BoyCave Books, a children's book brand that tailors to the interests of boys. Nate's law practice focuses on real estate, and he frequently helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with the many complex legal issues they face....
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Episode 153 - Shannon Long

Released on October 10, 2016
Shannon Long is the founder and CEO of Brew Export, where she and her team have a radical vision of connecting people through beer. She says that relationships are the foundation of everything, and beer has been growing these relationships for hundreds of years. Shannon is also the host of the Pure Brews America TV series, where she goes behind the scenes to meet brewmasters who share their successes, their failures, and even some secrets about their unique and delicious beers....
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Episode 152 - Terry Gremaux

Released on October 7, 2016
Terry Gremaux is the founder of The Hashtag Hunter and is an expert in helping business owners and entrepreneurs expand a positive business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. He guides people through the world of social media, assisting them to be more productive, get more leads, increase market presence, and increase overall business revenue....
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Episode 151 - Faye Kitariev

Released on October 6, 2016
Faye Kitariev is the the founder of the Institute For High Performance Mastery and is the author of the best-selling book Choreography of Awakening. She is an author, speaker, and high performance coach, and she says, "[w]e all have huge potential in all of us. To realize that potential is our birthright, our mission , and our responsibility." Coach Faye will help make the impossible possible and help to grow success, significance, and meaning in our lives....
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Episode 150 - Christopher Kelly

Released on October 5, 2016
Christopher Kelly is the co-founder at Nourish Balance Thrive, which is a science-based, customized support program that helps you achieve optimal performance. As a pro mountain biker, Christopher understands what it means to perform at the highest level, and through his platform, he walks his clients through the challenges that often arise on the path to peak performance. He also shares insights into paleo nutrition and functional medicine on his podcasts, Nourish Balance Thrive and Paleo Baby....
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