Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 039 - Ana Hoffman

Released on May 3, 2016
Ana Hoffman uses her business, Traffic Generation Cafe, to help businesses create more web traffic. Her unique insight into online marketing encourages entrepreneurs to capitalize on SEO, social media, and blog promotion. Sound expensive? It's not! Ana has big ideas for small marketing budgets and recommends ways to convert your web traffic into email subscribers and paying customers. ...
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Episode 038 - KP Kelly

Released on May 2, 2016
KP Kelly has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and has spent the last 8 as a social media consultant, managing social networking brands from Fortune 500 companies to solo-preneurs. In the fall of 2015, KP ran 262 straight miles across Ohio and is currently in training to run 100 marathons in 100 days to benefit 100 charities....
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Episode 037 - Amy Birks

Released on April 29, 2016
Amy Birks is the founder of The Growth Tribe, which is a free community that connects entrepreneurs in all stages of growth for brainstorming, blind-spot detecting, camaraderie, and fun. She also facilitates smaller groups of entrepreneurs, helping them grow and scale their businesses with ease and consistency....
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Episode 036 - Kevin Rogers

Released on April 28, 2016
Kevin Rogers went from a dead-broke stand-up comedian to one of the most in-demand online sales consultants to marketers, corporations, and brick and mortar businesses. His background as a stand-up comedian and an in-the-trenches salesperson has resulted in a deceptively simple four-sentence formula that Kevin calls the 60 Second Sales Hook. ...
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Episode 035 - Christina Daves

Released on April 27, 2016
Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run 5 successful companies over the past 20 years. Her latest venture, CastMedic Designs, has been met with national acclaim in the United States and has appeared in over 250 media outlets. As a result of her success, Christina launched another business, PR For Anyone, and she has written a best-selling book called PR For Anyone....
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Episode 034 - James Rosowsky

Released on April 26, 2016
James Rosowsky is the CEO of Karoleena, which is a premium home manufacturer specializing in designer prefab homes. James' role is to push a culture that places the customer first while spearheading Karoleena's corporate development, finance, human resources, and legal matters....
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Episode 033 - Valerie Edwards

Released on April 25, 2016
Valerie Edwards is the Executive National Vice President of Arbonne. She went from running a day care 13 years ago to operating a global multi-million dollar a year business. Valerie has had a bumpy ride physically, and she talks about the mental side of embracing and overcoming some of those challenges. She talks about her work in Guatemala and how that work is having a real impact on those around her....
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Episode 032 - Jeremy Reeves

Released on April 22, 2016
Jeremy Reeves is one of the world's leading authorities on building sales funnels, and in the past few years alone has added over $50 million in revenue for his clients. Not only does Jeremy help business owners increase profits, but he also helps people free up their time and get consistent and automated cash flow by building sales funnels....
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Episode 031 - Ryan Boutin

Released on April 21, 2016
Ryan Boutin is the CEO of Zeal Media Inc., which is a web development and marketing firm that is dedicated to helping small business grow. In addition, Ryan has created, a website that is geared toward inspiring today's entrepreneurs and business leaders....
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Episode 030 - Maria Ross

Released on April 20, 2016
Maria Ross is a brand strategist, an author, and an advisor to small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups on how to craft irresistible brands. She is a dynamic speaker and has delighted audiences ranging from The New York Times to BlogHer and has written for numerous media outlets including MSNBC, ABC News,, and Entrepreneur....
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