Bidsy's Small Business Society

Episode 049 - Chris Taylor

Released on May 17, 2016
Chris Taylor is the founder of, where the world's best business books are summarized in an easy-to-digest, bite-sized format. Chris and his team allow people to find meaning in their work by helping them put ideas into practice and making things actionable....
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Episode 048 - Nicole Romanoff

Released on May 16, 2016
Nicole Romanoff is a photographer with a passion for capturing music, fashion, and life. She has been involved in dance for nearly three decades, and she is a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant working in high-end fashion shows, photo shoots, and commercials. Motivated by challenge and inspired by artistry, Nicole brings her talents to each project she works on with unparalleled creativity....
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Episode 047 - Ari Meisel

Released on May 13, 2016
Ari Meisel created his company, Less Doing, which is a productivity system that assists people in managing their work / life balance. He helps people optimize, automate, and outsource with the goal of helping free up their time so that they can free up their mind and do the things that they really want to do in life....
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Episode 046 - Dave Austin

Released on May 12, 2016
Dave Austin believes in extreme focus, and is a highly sought-after mental performance coach who has worked not only at the professional sports level, but also every other level along the way. Dave is an international best-selling author, and his work outlines what he describes as The Process....
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Episode 045 - Julie Morey

Released on May 11, 2016
Julie Morey is a world traveller, an adventurer, and a dedicated coach. Through her own experiences, Julie assists with life transition, divorce recovery, and lifestyle design to help people move out of a one-dimensional existence into a world full of purpose and passion. Her book, Travel, Sex, & Train Wrecks, is a memoir about her adventures travelling around Southeast Asia after her divorce....
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Episode 044 - Jake Larsen

Released on May 10, 2016
Jake Larsen quit his job a month before his first child was born and launched his company, Video Power Marketing, which is a video production and advertising agency that helps people capture attention, drive traffic, and increase sales using YouTube advertising. Jake is one of a very few to be invited by Google to be a YouTube marketing ambassador....
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Episode 043 - Nick Ruiz

Released on May 9, 2016
Nick Ruiz has gone from boom to bust and back to boom as a real estate entrepreneur. He became a millionaire by his mid-20's, but the crash of 2008 forced him into bankruptcy. He kept hustling and once again created financial independence for himself and his family as a result of some of the strategies that he very simply outlines in his book, Flip. Nick is truly passionate about helping others achieve financial independence, and he offers free, valuable, and actionable content at his website,
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Episode 042 - Cory Huff

Released on May 6, 2016
Cory Huff is the founder of The Abundant Artist, where he teaches artists to quit their day jobs and create businesses by selling their art online. Cory has helped dozens of artists sell their art and go from a starving to an abundant artist. ...
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Episode 041 - Cody and Giselle

Released on May 5, 2016
Cody and Giselle are a creative, tattooed, goofy, vegan, travel-loving couple who want to share their experiences around the world while doing it in a compassionate and responsible way. They have been travelling the world for the past 4 and a half years and hope to inspire others to do the same and free themselves from the 'herd mentality' and other people's expectations. Recently, Cody and Giselle won a contest called Vegan Travels 2016 Around The World....
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Episode 040 - Terry Lancaster

Released on May 4, 2016
Terry Lancaster is a best-selling author and a speaker who helps students, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs build better careers, better businesses, and better lives starting right now. His own path to a better life is truly an inspiring one, and his book, Better!: Self Help For The Rest Of Us, shows readers how tiny changes can lead to major improvements that reverberate into every area of their lives....
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